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Advanced Pet Water Fountain: Silent, Adjustable, and Healthful"

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Introducing our pet water fountain - the perfect addition to your pet's quality life. With a silent water pump, this fountain offers adjustable three levels of water flow, ensuring a peaceful and quiet environment. The fountain-style effluent allows for automatic circulation of living water, keeping it fresh and healthy for your furry friend.

Even in case of a power outage, your pet can still enjoy the benefits of this water fountain. It's easy to clean, and energy-saving, making it an essential tool for your pet's wellness.

This pet fountain also offers several advanced filtration systems, removing odor, residual chlorine, hair, impurities, metal ions, and softening the water. With this water fountain, you can provide clean and fresh water for your pet, helping them stay healthy and hydrated.

Invest in your pet's well-being and bring home our silent pet water fountain today!



1. Material: ABS, food-grade PP plastic

2. Suitable for: cat and dog

3. Output voltage: DC 5V 150mA
4. Rated power:1.5W
5.  Large Volume:2.5L

6. Color: Pink, Green, White


Package Included:

1. 1 x Pet Drinking Fountain

2. 1 x Charcoal Carbon Filter
3. 1 x water pump

4. 1 x User manual

Note: Can be provided now with USB interface instead of regular plug.