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Pet Induction Interactive Toy: Endless Fun for Dogs and Cats

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The Pet Induction Interactive Toy is the perfect way to keep your pet entertained and engaged for hours. Whether you have a dog or cat, this toy is designed for all ages and sizes. Made of high-quality, eco-friendly plastic, it's safe for your pet to chew on and play with.

Featuring infrared sensing, the toy will escape when your pet gets close to it, providing a fun and interactive experience for both you and your furry friend. What's more, you can control the toy through an app, allowing you to interact with your pet from anywhere in the room.

This toy is not only entertaining, but also promotes exercise and mental stimulation, keeping your pet healthy and happy. So why wait? Get your pet the Pet Induction Interactive Toy and give them a gift they'll love!

Specification :
Material: Plastic
Color: Yellow
Weight: 130g
Size: 7.5x5cm
Suit for: Dog, Cat, Kids
Category: Pet Toys
Material: FDA Class Plastic and Rubber
Color: white, blue, green, pink, light blue
Size(L*W*H): 151.5*64*64 mm/6''x2.5''2.5''
Weight: 570g/1.26lb
Battery Capacity: 470mAh
Working Temperature: 0-40 °C / 32-104℉
Maximum Speed: 3.5 m/s
Wireless Connection: Above BT4.0, 2.4GHz
Connection Distance: 20 meters
App OS: iOS 9.0 (or above) or Android 4.3 (or above)
Note: Power By 3 x 7AAA batteries, Screwdriver (Not Included)

Package Contents:
1 x Induction interactive Toy

Note: The Blue / Light Blue / Green / Pink tries are only tires, NOT including wicked bone!!!
You can download the App "Wicked bone" from Google Play or App Store.