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Polyester Vest for Cool and Comfortable Pets: Breathable Mesh and Cooling Fabric

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Introducing the perfect vest for your furry friend - the polyester vest with a breathable mesh surface layer and cool-sensing fabric. This innovative vest is designed to keep your pet comfortable and cool during outdoor activities, making it an ideal choice for going out for a walk, sports, and mountain climbing.

The vest features a cool-sensing fabric that is located in the part of the vest closest to your pet's body. This fabric resists heat and cools down the pet's body by absorbing excess heat and releasing it into the environment. This feature is particularly useful during hot weather, when pets are more prone to overheating.

The breathable mesh surface layer of the vest allows for proper ventilation, ensuring that air flows through the fabric to keep your pet's body cool and dry. This feature is essential to maintain comfort during long walks or hikes.

The vest is made of durable polyester material, which makes it easy to maintain and ensures that it will last for an extended period. The polyester material is also lightweight, making it comfortable for your pet to wear.

Overall, the polyester vest with breathable mesh surface layer and cool-sensing fabric is an excellent choice for pet owners who enjoy outdoor activities with their furry friends. It provides comfort, breathability, and temperature regulation, ensuring that your pet stays comfortable and cool during any outdoor activity.

(CM) bust Neck  Back
S 40-50 30 32
M 50-60 35 40
L 55-75 45 49
XL 70-90 55 59